Technology Specialists for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

FburgCRM primarily helps nonprofits and small businesses with implementing Salesforce CRM constituent / customer relationship management software. Nonprofits leverage the purpose built nonprofit starter pack (NPSP) to get a 360 degree view of constituents, organizations, programs and campaigns. Small businesses leverage Salesforce Essentials to automate process driven solutions with sales processing, lead funnels and opportunity management. Together, we will revolutionize your business and constituent / customer experience.

Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Nonprofit Success Pack

Why your NGO needs a CRM. Nonprofits get 10 free licenses

Case Management

Track service requests and constituent issues

Volunteer Management

Handle common volunteer processes and integrate with your website

Fundraising and Donor Management

Empower your entire organization to cultivate donor relationships

Program Management

Manage programs from one central location. Report on program impacts

Digital Transformation

Your Constituents Deserve Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence

Gain insights into your constituents behavior

Digital Marketing

Turn constituent interactions with your organization into actionable data

Marketing Automation

Engage constituents at the right time with the right message

Online Communities

Collaborate with staff, volunteers, members and partners, anytime, anywhere and on any device

Small Business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM allows small business and their employees to input customer data into a central database—easy for everyone to access when they need it. The program organizes this data and analyzes it, so you can maintain strategic contact with each individual customer without spending hours analyzing the data yourself. The program can even find connections between customers who have engaged and those who have yet to engage to give you insight on the best strategies for connecting to your target audiences. 

Professional Websites

So, you need a professional website builder in Fredericksburg? You envision a website that is mobile friendly, has HD graphics, colors that pop and has multiple pages. That is neat! The truth is, building a simple website on many platforms is super easy these days. FBurgCRM focuses on building web platforms and web presence. We build websites that do things, that interact with external web services and web applications, that have capabilities other than only housing text and graphic based content.

Nonprofit Websites

Does your nonprofit website have great content but lacks a modern look and feel? Does your website actually do anything beyond serving as a newsletter subscription form and a place to paste content from documents your teams created? What if your website was connected to external web services? Think of all the purpose built technology platforms you’ve encountered over the past year.

Digital Transformation for Nonprofits

You can print, you can email, you can securely access the internet, you can add to and sift through endless spreadsheets, do manual processing and manually send individual emails – Wooptido! What you need is to leverage cutting edge technologies and purpose built software that frees up staff time and impacts your programs and mission goals. Did you know many technology hardware and software companies offer free or heavily discounted pricing to  501C(c)3 organizations? FBurgCRM can revolutionize your nonprofit technology service portfolio with the latest in software, hardware and cloud computing.

Digital Transformation Software